Fun Spa Day Party Ideas for Kids with Special Needs

It seems like your kids are growing up so fast, right? And we can’t deny that kids these days, especially girls, love to act like grown-ups. So if you are to give one activity that children love to do as if they are adults, what comes to your mind? It’s pretending to be pampered at a spa.

You may think that this kind of activity is only for normal kids. Well, it’s not. Children with special needs like this activity as well. So if you are planning to host a party for a kid with special needs, having a spa-themed party would be a great idea.

We understand that planning a party for children with special needs can be tough, but it can be done though. With the right tools and resources, you can definitely give your child a party that they enjoy.

Here are some ideas on how to host a spa party for your child.

Prepare the venue

You’ve got to set up the venue to where you will be holding the party. Recreate the venue to have a salon atmosphere. Go for cool colours like blue or mint. You can also accentuate the decors with coral or hot pink colours. These are the colours we usually wear in spas. Remember, less is more. So you have to keep it simple. 

Gather all the tools that your kids will be using. Prepare nail polish of different colours, facial masks, towels, soaking tubs for the feet, and other things that they may be using.

It would also be better if there is a pool that the kids can swim to. An inflatable pool will do. They can play in the water after their spa session. Throw in some plastic balls, special needs bath toys and other inflatable toys that the kids can play with.

Set the mood with spa decorations

It is important to set the mood as if the kids are really having a spa day. Put some lanterns and honeycombs on the treat table. These two really go along with the spa theme. 

Green plants and some flowers are a must-have if you are hosting a spa party. They put a refreshing vibe, and they are pretty too. It can be artificial or real.

Also, a spa cannot be complete without candles. To be safe, you can use LED ones since they give the same calming and soothing effect.

To complete the spa theme, put on some signs on the door or the walls.

Food and refreshments

Have some tasty snacks on hand and cool refreshments that the kids can enjoy while having a great spa at the party. Fruit drinks, iced tea or fruit infused water, are perfect for spa day celebrations.

You can serve tiny sandwiches to pair with the drinks. Sandwiches are easy to make, and you can serve different varieties. You can prepare tuna sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches and the kids’ favourite, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

You can serve cookies too. There is no doubt that kids love cookies, so serving them with cookies that come in different shapes and sizes will surely be a big hit during the party.

Play some relaxing music

Playing some relaxing music will help you set a soothing atmosphere to help your kids with special needs feel relaxed and calm. Kids with special needs are not like normal kids where they enjoy having lots of kids around. Children on the autism spectrum tend to get anxious around many people, so putting on some relaxing music can help reduce anxiety levels and help them enjoy the party more.

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